Our online dance competitions give dancers across the country the opportunity to stay motivated and focussed on their dancing goals. 

Our next event, the Cariadance Summer Shield opens for entries on Thursday the 1st July, entries will close on Sunday 11th July and results will be announced on the 18th of July on our Facebook page. 

The Cariadance Summer Shield will be adjudicated by well renowned adjudicator and promoter Richard Rose. All finalists will receive a write up from Cariadance Director Geraint Heaney and all winners will be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 gift voucher. 

Video entries must be a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 1 minute. Please submit your entry videos via email on the same day as payments are made online via our bookings page. Please list the event categories you are entering in the email. 

Write ups from our previous competition, the Cariadance Solo Awards can be found below. Very well done to all competitors! 


Competition Write Ups By Geraint Heaney

 Event 1: Solo Under 6 Samba

1st place: Ivy Jones 

Great use of bounce action and timing. Very well danced Ivy! 

Event 2: Solo Under 6 Waltz

1st place: Ivy Jones 

Ivy has mastered the basic principles of the Waltz and shows excellent heel leads. Bending your knees will make the steps bigger and more powerful. Keep up the good work Ivy! 

 Event 3: Solo Under 8 Cha Cha

1st place Esther Carter 

Esther is a dynamic dancer with a real flair for the Latin dances. Well done! 

2nd place Ivy Jones 

This talented young lady loves her dancing which comes across in her performance. Well done Ivy. 

Event 4: Solo Under 8 Waltz

1st place Esther Carter 

In the waltz, Esther demonstrates a good understanding of rise and fall, well danced! 

 Event 5: Solo Under 10 Cha Cha 

1.  Isabelle Burnett

Well done Isabelle on this confident, well rehearsed performance. Great use of expression both musically and in performance. 

2.  Maya Siczek

Maya showed precise foot and leg actions in this fiery Cha Cha, challenging the winner all the way. Very well danced! 

3.  Louisa Clarke

 Louisa has made lots of progress in her dancing, using great foot pressure and strong foot actions in this Cha Cha. 

4.  Esther Carter

Esther has great use of arms when turning, and demonstrates a confident, self-assured performance. Strengthening leg actions will allow Esther to challenge for higher placings. 

5.  Isabelle Bir

Isabelle was very striking in red, with a great range of figures on display in this Cha Cha Cha. With more confidence, I’m sure Isabelle can contend for higher placings in future. 

6. Ali Morrissey

Ali has a good understanding of the basic principles and is definitely one to watch for the future, well done Ali. 

7.  Matilda Walton

Matilda’s Cha Cha is quick and slick! Making her dancing look effortless and easy, Matilda has a real natural talent for dancing. 

 Event 6: Solo Under 10 Rumba

1.  Isabelle Burnett

Isabelle stands out not only for her performance, but for having the most gorgeous footwork. What fantastic foot pressure and placement, well done! 

2.  Maya Siczek

Good use of body action in this rumba! A very neat and tidy performance, well done Maya. 

3.  Esther Carter

Esther looks lovely in yellow in this well danced rumba. Lovely sliding doors and arm movements on your cucarachas. Keep up the good work. 

4.  Matilda Walton

With great posture, footwork and musicality, this Rumba was very well performed by Matilda. Better use of arms will support Matilda in achieving high dancing honours in the future. 

5.  Liarra Wiegold

Liarra approaches each performance with determination, passion and energy. Her rumba was expressive and musical, with great use of body action. Well done! 

6.  Olivia Dearsley

Olivia has demonstrated a big improvement since our last online competition, wow! What a well danced Rumba. Be mindful not to move a foot once it has been placed, as occasionally feet were turning in midway through the step. Keep up this amazing progress Olivia! 

7.  Isabelle Bir

Isabelle has great leg and foot action, in particular her beautifully articulated and precise feet. There is an undeniable star quality here that I look forward to seeing develop in the future. 

Event 7: Solo Under 10 Waltz

1.  Maya Siczek

With a great frame and good drive actions, Maya dominated this category with technical prowess. Very well danced Maya! 

2.  Louisa Clarke

Louisa dances a very elegant Waltz with a great range of figures demonstrated. Louisa has beautiful poise and can now start thinking about adding more swing and sway to her dancing. Very well done! 

3.  Isabelle Burnett

Isabelle’s Waltz is jam packed with advanced choreography, showcasing her ability to learn and perform challenging figures. Pay attention to the closing of feet on your heel turns. Well danced. 

4.  Esther Carter

Great rise and fall, controlled footwork and a good frame! Try to maintain your poise and keep your head to the left. Well done Esther! 

5.  Ali Morrissey

Dancing a lovely turning lock and nice heel turns, Ali demonstrates a good level of technical ability in this Waltz. Creating more poise to the left would enhance this great performance. 

6.  Matilda Walton

Matilda takes to ballroom like a duck to water. With power, drive, grace and elegance, Matilda had the ability to be one of the best dancers in the country. More challenging choreography will allow Matilda to reach higher placings in future. Well done! 

7.  Sam Gunstone

Sam has very neat and tidy footwork, and covers the floor with ease in this Waltz. Using fuller drive actions, could allow Sam to unlock his full movement potential. Keep up the good work! 

 Event 8: Solo Under 10 Tango

1.  Isabelle Burnett

Excellent choreography and technique. A well deserved win! 

2.  Esther Carter

Esther’s tango demonstrates a good frame and understanding of timing. Very well done. 

3.  Maya Siczek

From the dress and hair to the performance, Maya’s presentation is immaculate! Keeping your arms more forwards will give this Tango a more positive look. Very well danced. 

4.  Louisa Clarke

A well danced Tango. Flexing the knees will lower the centre of gravity and make this tango more powerful and balanced. Keep up the good work. 

5.  Matilda Walton

This tango had attack and was well characterised. Strengthening the leg actions  and footwork will take this Tango to the next level. Super performance! 

6.  Ali Morrissey

Ali looks ready for juniors in this jam packed routine full of fallaways and Viennese crosses. Great mastery of some very difficult figures. Keep those arms up and forwards for higher placings in future. 

Event 9: Solo Under 12 Rumba

1.  Chanel Griffiths

From the moment the music started, I knew I would want to watch this whole performance. Chanel doesn’t dance TO the music, she embodies it and dances in harmony with it. Well done! 

2.  Eleanor Waller

Eleanor dances with soft, rhythmical arm movements which is very pleasant to see in the juvenile category. A well danced rumba. 

3.  Martina Dainauskaite

Martina’s rumba was technically super and also demonstrates very natural performance skills. Well done. 

4.  Ella Gunstone

Ella’s rumba has a maturity in body action and presentation. Demonstrating a range of basic figures, this performance was very self assured, confident and offered good challenge to the first three placings. Well done Ella! 

5.  Freya Davies

Freya’s Rumba is technically excellent. With gorgeous feet and legs, good hip action and natural arm movement, this was a very impressive performance. I have always believed in the saying, “dance to express, not to impress” and that’s something I think may help you in your future dancing. Very well danced Freya! 

6.  Ruby Buckley

This young lady is a real performer! Good use of footwork and arms. Well done Ruby. 

7.  Sam Gunstone

This rumba was a real joy to watch. Sam is developing his performance skills and really charmed the camera in this Rumba, well done! 

Event 10: Solo Under 12 Paso

1. Chanel Griffiths


Chanel’s footwork is outstanding! With strong ankles and precise footwork, this Paso Doble was very neat but also well performed. This was a professional performance all around. Very well done Chanel. 

2. Eleanor Waller

Eleanor offered a good challenge in this fiercely closely fought competition between some of the most credible solo dancers in the country! With dramatic lunges, great arm shaping and floor coverage, this was a super Paso Doble. 

3. Ella Gunstone

Ella’s Paso Doble showcased a fantastic Paso Doble including dramatic flamenco arms and hands, good body shaping and distinctive stylisation. This Paso Doble really stood out for being authentic and expressive and was unlucky not to finish higher today, very well done Ella! 

4. Martina Dainauskaite

Martina is a formidable competitor, with a very professional approach to all of her dances. This Paso Doble showed good power and energy. Well done Martina! 

5. Matilda Walton

Matilda is fearless in performance, which sees her rising to the challenge of the under 12s fairly easily. Learning the Paso Doble just weeks before this competition, Matilda showed good timing, styling and performance skills, good job!  

6. Freya Davies

This Paso Doble showed good footwork, clear timing and was nicely danced. More oomph and facial expressions would allow Freya the opportunity to place higher in the future. 

7. Sam Gunstone

Sam is one of the up and coming young dance talents in Wales, who improves his dancing every time I see him performing in competition! This Paso Doble was strong and powerful, well done Sam! 

Event 11: Solo Under 12 Waltz

1. Eleanor Waller

Eleanor moves with ease and freedom. This Waltz was very magical indeed, a well deserved win. 

2. Chanel Griffiths

Chanel’s Waltz shows technical accuracy and sheer joy. You can tell by her sublime poise that she is a “nice n easy girl.” Well danced! 

3. Martina Dainauskaite

Martina is a powerful mover, and has one of the best drive actions in the competition. With lovely long arms, her frame fills the space and her approach to dancing is always positive. 

4. Ella Gunstone

A very well danced Waltz with a super quality of movement across the floor. This young lady doesn’t move, she glides effortlessly. This waltz was a joy to watch! 

5. Freya Davies

A vision in blue, both Freya’s dress and dancing were very eye catching today! Great drive actions and very tidy footwork. Well done! 

6. Sam Gunstone

Sam may have finished in lower final placings today, but he is now becoming a regular finalist in under 10s and under 12s, which is a big achievement at such a young age. Ballroom is where Sam comes to life with a great frame and natural movement. 

Event 12: Solo Under 12 Foxtrot

1. Chanel Griffiths

Beautiful toe releases and a superb heel turn we’re on show in this smooth and controlled foxtrot. Well danced and a well deserved win Chanel! 

2. Eleanor Waller

Eleanor covered the floor well in this foxtrot, dancing a very nice bounce fall away. With a wide and expansive frame, Eleanor already demonstrates as a soloist that she would make an excellent dance partner. 

3. Martina Dainauskaite

Martina always gives her 100 percent to all her dances. Her Waltz shifts across the floor well and always with a smile! Well done.  

4. Ella Gunstone

Ella’s use of rotation swing and sway were among the best in the competition. This performance was effortless and showed moments of pure class. Developing stronger feet and ankles will allow Ella to challenge her dancing peers more in the future. 

5. Freya Davies

Freya danced a beautiful heel turn in this foxtrot, and is improving her head position in every competition she dances. Her heel leads are immaculate and demonstrate a level of dancing maturity. 

Event 13: Solo Under 14 Cha Cha

1. Chaynee Parfitt

This Cha Cha Cha was full of speed, energy and high performance skills. Chaynee is always impressive to watch and this Cha Cha was no exception. 

2.  Syve Bechet

Syve could very easily become one of the leading solo dancers in Ireland, the Uk and further afield. Her performance skills and choreography are excellent, but time needs to be spent working on straight legs. Well done! 

3.  Sophia Zamameagra

Sophia has gorgeous arm movements, artistic, expressive and sometimes delicate! Keeping the Cha Cha more compact will help Sophia continue developing her dancing. Very well danced. 

4. Anna Reynolds

Anna demonstrates some great leg and foot actions in this Cha Cha. If you make your base smaller when turning, you’ll be able to unlock more speed. Well done Anna, this Cha Cha was a joy to watch. 

Event 14: Solo Under 14 Jive

1.  Chaynee Parfitt

With interesting and dynamic sections of kicks and flicks, Chaynee’s Jive is a joy to watch. Well danced! 

2.  Sophia Zamameagra

Sophia’s jive is a great combination of basic figures and exciting kick sections. This jive offered a good challenge to the winner today. Very well done. 

3.  Syve Bechet

Lovely chicken walks and a very natural performance style throughout this exciting jive. Making your base smaller on chasses will allow more time for bounce action.

4.  Anna Reynolds

Anna is a very musical dancer, both the choreography and timing allowed for a great musicality in this performance. Well done Anna! 

Event 15: Solo Under 14 Waltz

1.  Chaynee Parfitt

What a beautiful throwaway oversway! Chaynee the ability to move powerfully across the floor in the ballroom dances. 

2.  Sophia Zamameagra

Sophia’s pivots were very eye catching. A very well danced Waltz! 

3.  Anna Reynolds

A very technically confident Waltz. Anna can afford to bring some of her latin performance and facial expressions into this Waltz to challenge for higher placings. 

4.  Syve Bechet

Elegance and grace come naturally to Syve. Natural body flight and free moving energy that don’t come natural to many dancers! Try not to become too backweighted in your heel turns, well done! 

Event 16: Solo Under 14 Tango

1.  Syve Bechet

What a powerful first side of choreography. Precise timing and a good range of rhythms on show. I really enjoyed the stalking walks! A well deserved win. 

2.  Chaynee Parfitt

Chaynee’s tango is very expressive, long sustained moments building up speed, energy and sharp head movements. Maintaining the same energy level from start to finish will help improve this tango. 

3.  Anna Reynolds

A very dynamic tango! With lovely poise, improving promenades will help your tango, in which there are many promenade positions. Well danced Anna. 

4.  Sophia Zamameagra

Competing this excellent final, Sophia has a natural feel for the tango. A higher and more secure arm position would help develop this dance further. 

Event 17: Solo Under 16 Samba

1.  Chaynee Parfitt

Another self assured performance from Ms Parfitt. Great body ripples and shimmys, which add to the rhythmical look of this performance, well done! 

2.  Trinity Nugent

This samba moved well around the room, with a good samba tic and bounce. Well done Trinity! 

3.  Alana Kent

Wow, what an exciting samba. I particularly enjoyed your samba rolls, with excellent shaping on show. Unlucky not to finish higher in this samba! 

Event 18: Solo Under 16 Rumba

1.  Chaynee Parfitt

Chaynee has a maturity in her rumba much beyond her years. A very good dance for this talented young lady! 

2.  Trinity Nugent

A lovely rumba with cuban motion, super leg straightening actions and expressive extensions. Well done! 

3.  Alana Kent

Alana’s rumba includes some great leg action and elegant lines. This was a very closely battled category today. Very well danced Alana! 

 Event 19: Solo Under 16 Foxtrot

1st place: Chaynee Parfitt 

Chaynee’s foxtrot shows great use of rotation, swing and sway. Very well danced! 

Event 20: Solo Under 16 Quickstep

1st. Alana Kent 

Alana’s quickstep was lively and eye-catching. A very confident performance, well done! 

2nd. Chaynee Parfitt 

⭐️ Event 21: Solo Under 19 Rumba 

1st. Ellie Smith 

Ellie demonstrates an eye-catching, well rehearsed rumba with a great range of basic and advanced choreography. The armography shown today was meticulous, with lots of attention to detail shown, keep up the good work! 

2nd. Maisy Larson 

Maisy is an expressive dancer with a powerful and dynamic opening to this rumba. More work on foot placement and articulation will allow her to challenge for high honours in the future. 

⭐️ Event 22: Solo Under 19 Waltz and Amateur Solo Waltz 

1st place: Maisy Larson 

Maisy clearly spends a lot of time in the dance studio, as this was a refined and elegant performance. Maisy moves with power and technical prowess. Very well danced! 

Event 23: Solo Amateur Cha Cha

1st. Ellie Smith 

There is a new found maturity in Ellie’s dancing  since moving into the youth/amateur field. Ellie is a very advanced solo dancer and will hopefully find a deserving partner in the near future. 

2nd. Maisy Larson 

Maisy’s Cha Cha covered the floor well, showing attack, expression and a competitive level of energy. This was a very closely fought competition. Well done Maisy! 


Entries are £3.50 per category. Every entrant will receive a write up by Geraint Heaney that will be posted on our website. Any further queries can be emailed to us via the following link: